2017-2018 | FCNova Competitive Age Group Tryouts


2017-2018 Competitive Age Group Tryout Details
All tryouts take place @ The FC Nova Soccer Complex located at 3924 E Lake Hazel Rd - Meridian, ID 83642

Families having questions during the tryout process can contact staff at the following:
Boys Side - Gavin Kempe - 208-440-1315 - cell/text or gavin.kempe@fcnova.org
Girls Side - Jason Vittrup - 208-919-9951 - cell/text or jason.vittrup@fcnova.org

Tryouts are still taking place in all age groups - June 6th, 2017
New players interested in attending tryouts (whom did not attend on Monday), show up 20 minutes prior to age group designated time and register.  A tryout number will be provided and staff updated for assessment.  

BE ON TIME15 to 20 minutes early...if you show up at the start time, you are late.


  • IF accepted/accepting a spot after Day One, make sure to complete regstration and paperwork via http://www.fcnova.org/register/register
  • IF your number was NOT on the initial posting, we would like to further evaluate you on DAY TWO - June 6th, 2017
  • Bring/wear your try-out number from Monday
  • Report to your age group/gender assigned try-out area


  • Follow instructions provided above,
  • Complete all required data entry prior to obtaining a try-out number
  • Report to your age group/gender assigned try-out area


  • PLEASE keep your tryout number from Day One (Monday - June 5, 2017) for use on Day Two (Tuesday - June 6, 2017) and for interpreting tryout results on the website.

NOTES: Bring plenty of water.  Be prepared for all types of weather conditions, have shinguards, inflated ball, appropriate attire and ready to start promptly at your tryout start time

DAY ONE TRYOUT RESULTS - Monday - June 5th 2017
Tryout results from Day One will posted at www.fcnova.org between 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm.

  • Players offered spots will be listed by try-out number, and will need to accept their spots by 2:00 pm the following day (Tuesday, June 6th)
  • Players not offered spots will need to return for tryouts on Day Two (June 6th, 2017) for further evaluation, unless instructed otherwise.

TRYOUTS - June 6th, 2017 - "DAY TWO"
All players that tried out on Day One (June 5th) should also plan on attending tryouts on Day Two (June 6th), even if they have already been offered and/or accepted a spot:

  • Players that were not offered spots after Day One will be further evaluated.
  • Players that were offered spots will be used to help evaluate other players in a team setting.

DAY TWO TRYOUT RESULTS - Tuesday - June 6th 2017
Tryout results from Day Two will posted at www.fcnova.org between 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm.

  • Players offered spots will be listed by try-out number, and will need to accept their spots by 2:00 pm the following day (Wednesday, June 7th)
  • Players not offered spots should continue to check the website for updated status after 2:00 pm on Wednesday (June 7th).

***Please note that with the recent US Soccer Player Development Initiatives, FCNova will base registrations and tryouts off the mandated birth year calendar initiative. "Play-Ups" are assessed on an individual basis and communicated directly to family/player involved.

More than One...We are Many!

Find out below why?

More than one gender...we have programming for both boys and girls!
With over 650 competitive players 10U and older along w/ 1,000 Youth League players 4U and older...we are Many!

More than one single advanced level USSF and NSCAA certified staff...We are Many!
USSF A Licensed Staff = 8 coaches/directors 
USSF A-Youth
(new curriculum w/focus in advanced youth development) = 2 pending (taking course now, with final testing in June/July 2017)
NSCAA Premier Diploma Holders
= 6 coaches/directors
USSF Youth Licensed Staff 
(education in player development U6-U12)  = 7
USSF B Licensed Staff
= 3
USSF C Licensed Staff
= 7
USSF D Licensed Staff
= 11
USSF E Licensed Staff
= 8
USSF F Licensed Staff
= 9

US Club Soccer - Player Development Program - iD2 Northwest Camp Invites...We are Many!
10 Girls

US Youth Soccer - Olympic Development Program - Regional Camp Invites...We are Many!
24 boys and girls combined

Goal Keeper Program Trainers...We are Many!
5 trainers, all with collegiate level and above playing experience/instruction/licensure

Annually, the highest percentage of college placement...More than One...We are Many!
84% Boys Side
94% Girls Side

More than one level of play...We are Many!
Platforms of play that consist of Local, Northwest, Regional and National Levels of competition

More than One...We have Many Regional & National Championships (only club in Idaho)!
US Club & US Youth Regional Champions = 3
US Club & US Youth National Championships
= 2
US Club & US Youth Regional & National Finalists
= 2